A brief summary of the Australian Bush Flower Essences that can be used as an initial guide in helping to select which essence is appropriate.


Crowea (-) Worrying, out of balance, feeling "not quite right".
(+) Balances and centres the individual.
Dagger Hakea (-) Resentment, bitterness towards close family, friends, lovers.
(+) Forgiveness, open expression of feelings.
Dog Rose (-) Fearful, shy, insecure, apprehensive of others, niggling fears.
(+) Confidence, courage, belief in self.
Dog Rose of the Wild Forces (-) Fear of loss of control, physical pain with no apparent cause.
(+) Emotional balance, overcoming fear.
Five Corners (-) Low self esteem, dislike of self, held in personality.
(+) Love and acceptance of self, celebration of own beauty.
Flannel Flower (-) Dislike of being touched, lack of sensitivity especially in males.
(+) Gentleness, sensitivity in touching, joy, trust, sensuality.
Freshwater Mangrove (-) Heart closed due to prejudices which have been taught, not personally experienced.
(+) Humility, appreciation of beauty in others, release and heals mental prejudice. Opens the heart.
Fringed Violet (-) Distress, damage to aura, drained by others / situations.
(+) Removes effects of past or present distress, psychic protection.
Green Spider Orchid (-) Nightmares, needing acceptance, phobias.
(+) Attunement, ability to guard information, release of terrors and phobias.
Grey Spider Flower (-) Terror, panic
(+) Faith and courage.
Gymea Lily (-) Dominated and over-ridden by others
(+) Humility, letting go of control.
Hibbertia (-) Fanaticism, self-improvement/discipline / knowledge
(+) Acceptance of self and own innate knowledge.