A brief summary of the Australian Bush Flower Essences that can be used as an initial guide in helping to select which essence is appropriate.


Illawarra Flame Tree (–) Sense of rejection, being left out, fear of responsibility.
(+) Self approval, self reliance, confidence, inner strength.
Isopogen (–) Unable to learn from past experience, controlling personality.
(+) Able to learn from past experience, remember the past.
Jacaranda (–) Scattered, changeable, dithering, aimless, rushing.
(+) Decisiveness, clear minded, quick thinking.
Kangaroo Paw (–) Socially immature, clumsy, gauche, insensitive to other's needs.
(+) Relaxed, sensitive, saviore faire, enjoyment of people.
Kapok Bush (–) Easily discouraged, resignation, apathy.
(+) Persistence, willingness to give it a go, application.
Little Flannel Flower (–) Denial of inner child, seriousness
(+) Playfulness, joy, ability to have fun.
Macrocarpa (–) Personally drained.
(+) Renews enthusiasm.
Mint Bush (–) Spiritual trial and tribulation, despair, overwhelm.
(+) Calmness, ability to move on, readiness for initiation.
Mountain Devil (–) Hatred, anger, jealousy, holding grudges, suspicious.
(+) Unconditional love, forgiveness, happiness.
Mulla Mulla (–) Distress associated with exposure to fire, heat and sun.
(+) Reduces the negative effects of fire and the sun's rays.
Old Man Banksia (–) Disheartened, weary.
(+) Ability to cope with whatever life brings.
Paw Paw (–) Overwhelm, burdened by decision.
(+) Focus and clarity.
Peach-Flowered Tea Tree (–) Mood swings, lack of commitment.
(+) Balance, responsibility for own health.
Philotheca (–) Excessive generosity, inability to accept acknowledgement.
(+) Ability to accept praise, acknowledgement and love.
Pink Mulla Mulla (–) Deep hurt, guarded, feeling blocked.
(+) Overcoming obstacles, opening up, forgiveness.