A brief summary of the Australian Bush Flower Essences that can be used as an initial guide in helping to select which essence is appropriate.


Red Grevillea (–) Feeling stuck, affected by criticism, reliant on others.
(+) Strength to leave unpleasant situations, boldness.
Red Helmet Orchid (–) Rebelliousness, selfish, problems with authority.
(+) Helps father/child bonding, sensitivity, respect.
Red Lily (–) Vagueness, indecisiveness, daydreaming.
(+) Grounded, focused, living in present.
Red Suva Frangipani (–) Turmoil, emotional upheaval, sadness.
(+) Unconditional love, openness, compassion.
Rough Bluebell (–) Openly malicious, lack of concern for the feelings of others.
(+) Feeling nurtured, acceptance, equanimity.
She Oak (–) Distress associated with infertility.
(+) Overcomes imbalances in females.
Silver Pr incess (–) Aimless, despondent, lacking life direction.
(+) Life purpose and direction, motivation.
Slender Rice Flower (–) Racism, narrow mindedness, comparison with others.
(+) Co-operation, humility, appreciation of beauty in others.
Southern Cross (–) Victim mentality, poverty consciousness.
(+) Personal power, positive attitude, responsibility for self.
Spinifex (–) Sense of being a victim to illness.
(+) Empowers through emotional understanding to heal.
Sturt Desert Pea (–) Deep hurt, sadness, emotional pain.
(+) Diffuses sad memories, allows one to let go, motivates.
Sturt Desert Rose (–) Guilt, low self-esteem, easily led.
(+) Allows one to follow own inner convictions and morality.
Sundew (–) Disconnected, split, lack of focus.
(+) Grounded, focused
Sunshine Wattle (–) Struggle, stuck in the past, expectation of a grim future.
(+) Optimism, acceptance of the beauty and joy in the present.