A brief summary of the Australian Bush Flower Essences that can be used as an initial guide in helping to select which essence is appropriate.


Tall Mulla Mulla (–) Feeling scared, lack of interaction, feeling unsafe.
(+) Feeling secure with people, social interactions.
Tall Yellow Top (–) Alienation, lonely, isolated.
(+) Sense of belonging.
Turkey Bush (–) Creative block, disbelief in own creative ability.
(+) Inspired creativity, renews artistic confidence.
Waratah (–) Black despair, hopelessness, inability to respond to crisis.
(+) Courage, tenacity, faith, adaptability, survival skills.
Wedding Bush (–) Difficulty with commitment in relationships.
(+) Commitment in relationships, dedication to life purpose.
Wild Potato Bush (–) Sense of being weighed down and encumbered.
(+) Freedom to move on in life.
Wisteria (–) Women who feel uncomfortable and uptight about their sexuality. Fear arising from sexual abuse.
(+) Fulfilling sexual relationship.
Yellow Cowslip Orchid (–) Critical, judgmental, bureaucratic.
(+) Humanitarian concern, impartiality.