A brief summary of the Healing Herb Essences that can be used as an initial guide in helping to select which essence is appropriate.


Heather Buttonholer, talkative bore, obsessed by own troubles and experiences
Holly Jealousy, hatred, envious, revengeful and suspicious.
Honeysuckle Nostalgia, living in the past.
Hornbeam Monday morningitis, procrastinators, mentally weary, but physically able.
Impatiens Impatient, irritable, on the go, everything NOW.
Larch Lack self-confidence, expect failure so do not even try, feels inferior.
Mimulus Fear of known things, shy, timid.
Mustard Black cloud depressions that come from nowhere for no known reason.
Oak The plodder, determined but does not know when to stop, overworks.
Olive Tiredness on all levels.
Pine Guilt, blames self for other's mistakes, feels undeserving/unworthy.
Red Chestnut Excessive fear for others, especially those close to them.
Rock Rose Extreme terror, panic.
Rock Water Hard on themselves, self denying, rigid, ruled by fixed ideas.