Commonly associated with ranting and raving at certain times in the month, however there is so much more to hormones than that.

Sure females have a full set of hormones, and so do men, they're just different.

While women deal with PMS, fertility and menopause the men deal with fertility and prostate problems and both have the vital thyroid hormones influencing a startling array of functions within the body.

Female Hormonal Imbalances

Women may suffer from a variety of hormonal imbalances such as PMS, depression, mood swings, anxiety, skin problems, headaches, cravings for sweet things, fluid retention, heavy periods, period pain, loss of periods, dry skin, loss of libido, hot flushes and menopausal problems.

You do not need to suffer. Natural Therapies can assist in the treatment of hormonal problems through reestablishing harmony naturally.

Male Hormonal Imbalance

Males may also have difficulties with hormones which may show as fertility issues or later in life as prostate issues. Natural Therapies may assist in these situations.

The Consultation

A consultation may be scheduled in person. As part of your consultation Caroline will check your tongue and nails as well as use Iridology to check what is going on with you as a whole person.

Those who are able to attend an in person consultation can either email or phone me for an appointment.