"I am a 52yr old woman, who was in need of a lot of help, help you would not believe. I suffered from chronic fatigue for years, also going through menopause, believe me having one is bad enough, but the 2 at once was a nightmare, and many times I was very down, and I mean down. I meet Caroline who help me in many many different ways, and got me back on top again

, that I can lead a normally life. I did not only her naturopathic help, but she always listened to what my needs where, not what she though I needed and that makes a big difference. We would work things out together, as she always would advice on what was best to help me get better and put me on the right track for better health. I am feeling great today; my energy levels are good, sleeping well, no hot flushes, mood swings, etc. I would recommend Caroline to anyone." Linda.