A brief summary of the Australian Bush Flower Essences that can be used as an initial guide in helping to select which essence is appropriate.


Alpine Mint Bush (–) Mental & Emotional exhaustion, lack of joy, weight of responsibility (especially those involved in healing work).
(+) Revitalisation , joy, renewal.
Angelsword (–) Spiritually "Possessed", interference with true spiritual connection.
(+) Attaining spiritual truth / protection, access to gift from past lifetimes, repairs whole energy field.
Banksia Robur (–) Loss of drive and enthusiasm.
(+) Enjoyment of and interest in life.
Bauhini (–) Resistance to change, rigidity, annoyance.
(+) cceptance and open mindedness, embracing new concepts and ideas.
Billy Goat Plum (–) Sexual revulsion, loathing or disgust of an aspect of oneself.
(+) Sexual pleasure, enjoyment, acceptance of one's physical body.
Black Eyed Susan (–) Rushing, always on the go, impatience, always striving.
(+) Slowing down, ability to turn inward and be still, inner peace.
Bluebell (–) Cut off from feelings, fear of lack or greed.
(+) Opens the heart, joy, sharing.
Boab (–) Taking on negative family thought patterns. Repetition of past negative experiences.
(+) Releases past negative actions within families – abuse, prejudice etc. Releases negative thought patterns.
Boronia (–) Obsessive thoughts, pining for recently ended relationships.
(+) Serenity, clarity of mind and thought.
Bottlebrush (–) For going through and overwhelmed by major life changes.
(+) Bonding between mother and child, serenity, letting go.
Bush Fuchsia (–) Inability to balance the logical and rational with the intuitive and creative, switched off, ignoring gut feelings.
(+) Allows one to integrate information, develops intuition.
Bush Gardenia (–) Taking for granted, unaware of others, self-centeredness.
(+) Renews interest in others, improves communication, passion.
Bush Iris (–) Fear of death, materialism, atheism, excessiveness.
(+) Spiritual insights, understanding beyond the material / physical.