Flower Essences

Essences assist healing the emotional, mental and spiritual areas of our lives and so have an effect on our physical well being.

Essences help to dissolve our negative patterns, habits, attitudes and behaviour which hold us back and limit us from achieving our goals, transforming negative states of being such as fear, loneliness, indecision, sadness, apathy, envy and resentment. They work at enhancing positive qualities including vitality, joy, fun, courage, independence, peace of mind, inspiration, enthusiasm, confidence, self esteem and self worth, love, capacity to learn, the ability to study and concentrate.

General notes about essences

  • Essences may be used for short or long term matters. In general the longer a pattern has been part of our lives the longer it will be necessary to take the essence. If you are treating yourself or another person for a long term matter then you are better to make a dosage bottle, however if it is for a short term situation then taking a dose in a glass of water may be all that is required.
  • Essences are best taken four times a day. Taken first thing when we wake, last thing before going to bed and two other times throughout the day. We are receptive to change when we have a bath or meditate and these are two good times to take your essences.
  • Essences are not affected by the food we eat or by drinks, so you can eat and take your essence at the same time.
  • Children are dosed at the same rate as adults, however they often do not need to take essences for as long.
  • Essences which are preserved in alcohol will last for long periods of time, however , they are susceptible to contamination from saliva. Please make sure that you do not get saliva on the dropper, if you do wash the dropper immediately. For children have two droppers, so that you use one and replace it with a clean one whilst you wash the one you just used.
  • I place my drops under my tongue and hold there for a few seconds before swallowing. You can however just place them in your mouth, or place them in a small amount of water and sip.

Sturt Desert Pea Flower used to make an essence.


Using Flower and Gem Essences

You may add four drops to your glass of water and sip - this is great for immediate effects or something that is new or has recently happened.

You may add four drops to make a dosage bottle. To make a dosage bottle use a small bottle from 15 - 25 mls (1/2 - 1 oz) size to which you have added water and if desired a preservative. Your preservative may be brandy (which has traditionally been used or other spirit), vegetable glycerine, or cider vinegar. If you do not add any preservative your drops may go rancid sooner. If you think your drops have gone rancid (they taste funny or things are growing in them) please discard them.

You may add them to a spray bottle which may also have essential oils and then use them to spray yourself or the environment.

You may use the essence topically rather than ingest the essence if you would rather. You may apply your drops to your navel, or pulse points two to four times a day.

Dandelion Flower used to make an essence.

Selecting Essences

When selecting essences you can use more than one at a time. More is not always better and it is recommended that you select a maximum of five at a time. To select the essence -

  • You may read through the descriptions and take what feels appropriate for you at this stage of your life.
  • You can use a pendulum to help choose your essence or confirm your mixture of essence.
  • You can put all the names of all the essences in a bag and draw out the appropriate number of names.
  • You can use kinesiology or muscle testing if you are familiar with this technique.
  • You can select the essence through looking at a photo of the plant and using those you feel really drawn to.
  • Alternatively you may like to place the photos face down and randomly select the card(s) that are right for you, or will help you most right now.
  • You may also like to feel the energy of your bottles. If you have not done this before I recommend that you rub your hands together to open the chakras in the palms of your hands and then hold your hand over each bottle. You will notice nothing over some, but the ones that are right for you will feel different. You may get tingling, or extra heat in your fingers or palm, or, you may even feel cold.