A brief summary of the Healing Herb Essences that can be used as an initial guide in helping to select which essence is appropriate.


Agrimony Hide their agony behind a facade of cheerfulness, appearing carefree.
Aspen Unknown fears, anxiety, apprehension and foreboding.
Beech Intolerant of others, critical, judgmental and arrogant.
Centaury Doormat, Can't say "NO", easily imposed upon.
Cerato Advice seekers, doubt own judgments and decisions.
Cherry Plum Fear of mind giving way, or will lose control, violent impulses.
Chestnut Bud Don't learn from experience, repeat mistakes.
Chicory Over possessive, demands attention from others, manipulative.
Clematis Space cadet, dreamer, absent minded, preoccupied.
Crab Apple Feels dirty or yukky, self disgust.
Elm Tempor arily feeling inadequate, overwhelmed by responsibility.
Gentian Easily discouraged, despondent, pessimistic, known depressions.
Gorse Despair and hopelessness, utterly despondent.