A brief summary of the Healing Herb Essences that can be used as an initial guide in helping to select which essence is appropriate.


Scleranthus Ambivalent, YES?NO?, Uncertain, vacillates, mood swings.
Star of Bethlehem Shock and trauma, recent and in past.
Sweet Chestnut Limit of endurance, mental despair.
Vervain Fanatical, tries to convince others, overenthusiastic, incensed by injustices.
Vine Domineering, inflexible, aggressive, craves power, arrogant.
Walnut For change, influenced by others, tradition, outside views, protective remedy.
Water Violet Aloof, proud, reserved.
White Chestnut Persistent repetitive unwanted thoughts, mental arguments.
Wild Oat Seeker, unable to decide on life path, dissatisfied and lacking direction.
Wild Rose Apathy, resigned, accept their lot, weary and lack zest and stamina.
Willow Resentment, bitter, "It's not fair", "Poor me", blames everyone else.